BBPS Bharat Bill Payment System

BBPS Bharat Bill Payment System

The Bharat Bill Payment System will make the group of the utility bill payment comfortable and handy. The system will offer service to collect payments for the customer's insistent activities. For instance, telephone bill, electricity bill, water bill, etc.. The machine will expand its functions to collect payments for the services other than, like government taxation, school fees, mutual fund payments, insurance premiums, notified by RBI from time to time.

Bill Payments

Net banking (IMPS, NEFT)

    Online facility to generate bill payments will be provided. Service centers will be available in bank branches, the ATMs, and agents' place. Multiple modes for making payments such as debit or charge cards, e-wallets, money, net banking, etc.will be accessible.The largest benefit is that the bill could be paid anytime and anywhere. There could be retail factors for bill payments across the country who would have the ability to accept all kinds of invoices payments made through credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking (IMPS, NEFT). The BBPS outlets would include banks, ATMs, business correspondents, kiosks, etc. and payments would be made securely through the NPCI system with instant receipts becoming generated.
utility API

An API interface integrates the system

The solution consists of an application for establishing client contact points to take care of charge payments through different delivery channels, including self-service, Agent assisted, digital and offline modes. An API interface integrates the system with the fundamental unit of BBPS -- NPCI. Bharat Bill Payment Method (BBPS) is an RBI mandated, a centralized and interoperable invoice payment system which enables a client to pay bills online as well as offline across geographies with certainty, reliability, and safety of the trade. BBPS is a frequent platform to cover various utility bills like electricity, water, gas, phone and direct-to-home (DTH) television service, etc. ) from a single website or socket utilizing multiple payment modes such as internet banking, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and even by cash in case of offline mode, and get instant confirmation.
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Fund Transfer

Using AEPS service customer can send money instantly to any bank account through Aadhaar Verification, Aadhar has to be connected with a bank account to use AEPS service. In AEPS service, the fingerprint is authenticated from the UIDAI. In response to trade, UIDAI tells to the lender about the credibility of the user. For much more detail about AEPS service, please send your query here it's possible for you to offer a number of providers using portal. Along with AEPS, you can also offer bill payment services to your customers by integrating Bharat invoice payment system on your portal.